What is Creatine ?

What is Creatine ?

What is Creatine ? its a question we get asked a lot from customers so we aim to clarify the important points of Creatine and what it can do for you as a supplement.

Let’s look at creatine and what it can do for Sports Performance?

Creatine is without a doubt the most Proven Sports Nutrition product ever introduced into the Sports Nutrition Supplement market! in short, Creatine has been shown to boost Muscle Energy by supplying creatine to the Krebs Cycle also known as the CAC ( Citric Acid Cycle ) or TCA cycle ( tricarboxylic acid cycle). Creatine contributes to the Kreb cycle by providing phosphocreatine through a process known as creatine kinases once the creatine is broken down in phosphocreatine it can donate the phosphate molecule some people call this the Phosphate shuttle. By the way, this all happens inside the cell in the Mitochondria which is basically inside the muscle cell and All energy is produced.

The complex part of the Krebs cycle is the environment inside the Mitochondria which then supplies the myofibrils ( Muscle Cells ) the high energy ATP ( Adenosine Triphosphate ) but the really complex part happens between the Mitochondrial and Myofibrils during Anaerobic activity ( Without Oxygen – Weight Training, Sprints and exercise generally under 30sec). Myofibrils ( Muscle Cells ) have a high concentration of ADP ( Adenosine DiPhosphate) during explosive exercise so if the phosphocreatine is processed in the Krebs cycle and the Phosphate molecule is available then the formation of ATP can occur and be transferred from the Mitochondria to the myofibrils ( Muscle Cells ) where it then can be used as energy.

So Taking Creatine can Boost Muscle Power and Strength yes but Clinical evidence has shown Creatine Monohydrate is the most effective!

Is Creatine Hydrochloride the Best form of Creatine? Well to answer that simply Creatine Monohydrate is  the most stable form of creatine and as Creatine is classified as a Hydrophilic Polar molecule so the hydrophilic nature of creatine makes it hard to absorb with liquids so the important point is ALL creatine has to go through the complex task of the Krebs cycle and Creatine Monyhrate although not well absorbed still has been shown under clinical studies to Improve ATP Energy production. Interestingly there has been some research on water-soluble molecules added to creatine to help absorption one in particular called Polyethylene glycol making creatine polyethylene glycosylate in theory it should allow for a higher concentration of creatine getting to the Krebs cycle intact but its early days.

So if the creatine your using is Creatine Hydrochloride or any other form possible an Ester remember gram for gram it is a Creatine Monohydrate molecule added to the Hydrochloride for example? so how can a Hydrophilic Polar Molecule added to a Hydrochloride reduce the concentration of Creatine required to produce more ATP ? not possible! too much ” Bro Science ” added to this one.

So how to take a Creatine Monohydrate to benefit Muscle Strength and Power?

Loading 5-7 days 

0.3g per KG of Body Weight Daily divided into 4 equal amounts.

So at 80kg taking 24g of creatine a day for 5-7 days in 4 Equal dosages = 6g x 4 times per day for 5-7day.

Maintenance No longer than 3 weeks 

0.1g per Kg of Body Weight again divided into 4 equal amounts.

Also, remember to increase water consumption as Creatine is Hydrophilic it wants t push water away ( Hydrophobes) so it is important to keep hydrated even though taking the creatine will try and push water from your system!


Amazing well researched compound that can add Naturally, Strength and Muscle Power to your workout and of recent there are studies showing its beneficial in Neuroplasticity and the ability for the brain to adapt and learn as we get older.