In 2016, a research team at the University of Tampa, led by Dr Jacob Wilson, conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the effects of Fortetropin with a group of 45 males, ages 18-21 years old.

Over a 12-week period, each of 45 subjects took part in the same exercise program and consumed the same diet. Half of the group consumed a daily dosage of Fortetropin, while the other half consumed a cheese protein placebo.

The results were striking, as the participants who took Fortetropin gained 2.7– 3.2x more lean muscle mass than those who took the placebo. Their muscle thickness also increased significantly

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In a subsequent clinical study, completed in 2019, researcher Dr William J. Evans at the University of California-Berkeley found that Fortetropin increased the rate of muscle protein synthesis (i.e. the rate in which protein rebuilds muscle) in older adults by an average of 18%.

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The Effects of Fortetropin Supplementation on Body Composition, Strength, and Power in Humans and Mechanism of Action in a Rodent Model – Conclusions found that Fortetropin supplementation increases lean body mass ( LBM ) and decreased the markers of protein breakdown while simultaneously increasing mTOR signallingCLICK HERE to read

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