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TEST GH formulated by Muscle Science Xtreme USA will take your training to a New level with NEW levels of performance you never thought possible.

Formulated with the 5 Essential pillars required to optimise the production and balancing of the Endocrine System from both Men and Women.

Men and Women need a Balance of Testosterone to Estrogen called and T/E Ratio to help support optimal lean muscle and fat levels in combination with a Lean a Balanced Diet and exercise program.

The Problem with Most ” Testosterone Boosters ” on the market today is they have a minimal ” Active” compound level and reply on Sudo Science to sell their products, ultimately they don’t work as they offer No balance of core compounds to not only stimulate the proper Endocrine response but they contain no supporting ingredients to help sustain and boost activity within the Endocrine system.


Boron Research has shown that this Rare Mineral taken every day for seven days can boost blood levels of

  • Increase Free Testosterone by as much as 29%
  • Decrease Estrogen levels by as much as 38%
  • Also, Many Inflammation Biomarkers like TNF-a & hsCRP dropped

Zinc & Magnesium Aspartate + Vitamin B6 ( Pyridoxine HCL) ZMA

This combination has been shown to assist with Training recovery and is essential in the formation of endocrine hormones such as Testosterone.



Tribulus Terrestris- Contains active plant-based Saponins which has been shown to boost libido and sexual well being but has shown not to affect Testosterone levels Muscle Science Xtreme add this due to its proven benefit around endocrine health and wellbeing.

Horny Goat Weed Extract – Called Epimedium known to help with boosting performance in the bedroom!

Polygonum Cuspidatum – Called Japanese Knotweed has been used in Japan for centuries to help boost Muscle Performance, help build lean muscle tissue and lose body fat, also powerful health benefits as it contains high levels of Trans-Resveratrol.

5a Hydroxy Laxogenin –  Shown to help boost Protein Synthesis in the body while control cortisol levels this helps to balance the Endocrine system and balance out the optimal levels of Testosterone and Estrogen.



DIMDiindolylmethane is a derivative from Cruciferous vegetables including Broccoli, Brussel sprouts and Cauliflower, helps increase the “good Estrogen ” metabolites again helping to maintain the healthy balance from both Men and Women and optimise the T/E ratio.

Matcha Green Tea ExtractsA specific type of Green tea harvested at an early stage that has high levels of polyphenols specific to helping reduce Estrone and Estradiol again to create balance around the correct T/E Ratio in both Men and Women.

SERENOA REPENS – Also known as Saw Palmetto helps to reduce DHT production in both Men and Women this is associated with hair loss in both Men and Women, but Saw Palmetto helps to reduce inflammation in the Male prostate cells, it also acts on the progesterone receptors and can reduce the production of excessive Estrogen production.



EPIMEDIUM- Contains Flavonoids shown to help regulate the growth factors including IGF & fibroblast growth factors essential in cell division and Cell growth including muscle tissue growth.

GINKO BILOBA- Known for its beneficial effects on MAO inhibition ( Monoamine oxidase Inhibitors) by reducing or controlling the MAO’s we know this can lead to a dramatically improved level of Growth Hormone ( GH) in the body but also an improvement in positive brain function and well being.



PANAX GINSENG – Particularly useful to help Adrenal function and boost recovery from adrenal fatigue.

ASHWAGANDHA – Important to help reduce inflammation after training stresses and heavy training loads.

RHODIOLA ROSEA EXTRACT – Been shown to reduce the time taken to recovery after intense training periods and of particular benefit when trying to peak for a specific event and recover during a tapering period.

MAITAKE MUSHROOM EXTRACT  – a Particular mushroom that has evidence around improving immune function while the body is overtrained or heavy training.


This product has been designed for those that want to get the very best out of there Training , its not built for ” weekend warriors ” that train 2 times a week and send more time texting than training ! If your Xtreme join the Muscle Science Xtreme Team and start using products formulated for serious athletes who want serious results !


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