SWFT Stims – N-METHYL TYRAMINE – Energy Booster

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SWFT Stims N-METHYL TYRAMINE is a potent energy and focus product that will ensure that you have the energy and willpower to crush even the toughest of workouts. It syncs up your mind and mody and makes them amped up with intensity. SWFT Stims NMT can be taken as a standalone product or can be stacked with other SWFT Stim products. Be warned though, you should try NMT by itself first before venturing into stacking it, just to assess your tolerance.

N-METHYL TYRAMINE can also be used as a strong fat burner or in conjunction with a fat burning stack such as Higenamine.

NMT by SWFT Stims is highly versatile, it can be used at the gym, to add a boost to your morning or throughout the day when you need more energy for whatever task is at hand. Whenever you are looking for that extra energy boost, NMT is here.

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SWFT Stims - N-METHYL TYRAMINE - Energy Booster Nutritional Information

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