JNX Sports® THE SHADOW! (30 Serve) 270g – Full Powered Pre-Workout

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Are you ready to take your workouts to the next level? Look no further than JNX The Shadow 30 Serve Powder. Designed with performance in mind, this potent pre-workout supplement is the secret weapon you need to unlock your true potential in the gym. With its carefully selected ingredients and powerful formulation, The Shadow delivers unparalleled focus, energy, and endurance, ensuring you achieve the best results possible.

Ingredients and Their Functions:

  1. Beta-Alanine: This amino acid is known for its ability to enhance muscular endurance. By increasing the levels of carnosine in your muscles, Beta-Alanine helps to delay fatigue, allowing you to push through those challenging reps and sets.
  2. L-Taurine: Acting as a powerful antioxidant, L-Taurine helps protect your muscles against oxidative stress caused by intense workouts. It also supports cardiovascular health, promoting better blood flow and nutrient delivery to your working muscles.
  3. Caffeine Anhydrous: A popular stimulant, Caffeine Anhydrous provides an immediate energy boost, enhancing focus and mental alertness. It also helps to mobilize fat stores, making it an excellent choice for those aiming to support their weight management goals.
  4. L-Leucine: As a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), L-Leucine plays a crucial role in muscle protein synthesis. It aids in repairing and building lean muscle tissue, promoting faster recovery and muscle growth.
  5. L-Isoleucine and L-Valine: Completing the trio of BCAAs, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine work synergistically with L-Leucine to support muscle repair, reduce muscle breakdown, and improve exercise performance.
  6. Choline Bitartrate: Known for its cognitive benefits, Choline Bitartrate enhances mental focus and concentration, allowing you to stay in the zone during your workouts. It also contributes to the synthesis of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter critical for muscle contraction.
  7. L-Citrulline Malate: This compound is converted into L-Arginine in the body, leading to increased nitric oxide production. As a result, L-Citrulline Malate promotes enhanced blood flow, muscle pump, and nutrient delivery to your muscles, helping you achieve mind-blowing pumps and improved performance.

Best Ways to Use The Shadow:

To experience the full benefits of JNX The Shadow, mix one scoop (provided) with 200-300ml of water, 15-30 minutes before your workout. Start with a smaller serving to assess your tolerance, gradually increasing the dosage as needed. As each individual’s tolerance may vary, it is crucial to follow the recommended serving size and avoid exceeding two scoops within a 24-hour period.

Note: It is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have any underlying health conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are currently taking medication.

Unleash your inner beast and push beyond your limits with JNX The Shadow 30 Serve Powder. Get ready to dominate your workouts and achieve your fitness goals like never before. Order your jar today and step into a new realm of performance excellence!


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Jnx The Shadow! (30 Serve) 270g - Full Powered Pre-workout

Jnx The Shadow! (30 Serve) 270g – Full Powered Pre-workout

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