SAN PURE CLA 1250 (90 Serve) 90c – Ultra High Potency

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Pure CLA 1250 or conjugated linoleic acid is a naturally occuring fatty acid in animal tissues and food sources, including beef, poultry,egg and diary products such as cheeses, milk and yogurt.

  • 90 & 180 cap servings
  • ultra pure CLA

PURE CLA 1250 not only helps prevent fat accumulation and oxidize fat for energy, but it also has positive effects on cholesterol and triglyceride levels so it’s good for you heart health, too. Aside from the key fat-burning benefits that help develop lean body composition, PURE CLA 1250 also increases muscle building potential for magnified body-shaping results.

  • Quick-release softgel
  • Convert body fat into energy
  • Stimulate lean body composition
  • Support healthy immune system function

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