RSP QUADRA LEAN NON-STIM (50 Serve) 150c – Stimulant Free Fat Burner

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RSP Nutrition’s Quadra Lean gives you the powerful, scientifically researched ingredients you need to burn fat whilst still maintaining your lean muscle mass. This product is stimulant free so that means you can use it at any point during the day, without having to worry.
Specifically designed to address four key factors, Quadra Lean controls appetite, increases energy, accelerates your metabolism and mobilizes fat stores!
Rest assured that you are getting the best ingredients nature has to offer and that they are dosed at perfect levels for maximum effectiveness.

Containing Acetyl-l-carnitine for the aiding in transporting fatty acids, grains of paradise for helping to burn that brown adipose tissue, CLA to improve body composition and green tea extract to ensure increased cellular activity, Quadra Lean is the perfect 4 pronged approach to stimulant free fat loss.

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