Ronnie Coleman – Yeah Buddy – Pre Workout Double Deal

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If you’ve spent any serious amount of time in the gym, odds are you have heard the bellowing “YEAH BUDDY!” or “LIGHTWEIGHT BABY!” echoing from a corner in the gym. A patron is attempting to get him or herself fired up before attempting that ridiculously heavy lift that they probably have no real business attempting (but hey, it’s the effort that counts, right?). This iconic phrase in the fitness community has come about after the videos of the King himself Ronnie Coleman screaming these tag lines went online. Ronnie came up with these sayings because he was too strong to have a training partner and needed to pump himself up before his massive lifts!

In the same vein, Yeah Buddy Pre Workout by Ronnie Coleman is strong, maybe even a little too strong. This extremely potent pre-workout is not for the faint of heart; it’s hardcore.

• Extended Release Energy
• Only 1 Scoop Needed
• Non-Crash Formula
• Laser Focus
• cGMP Certified

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Ronnie Coleman Yeah Buddy (30 Serve) Sour Apple Supplement Facts

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Tub 1

Strawberry Lemonade, Green Apple, Cherry Limeade

Tub 2

Strawberry Lemonade, Green Apple, Cherry Limeade