Ronnie Coleman – King Mass XL Super Anabolic Growth Accelerator (15lbs)

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THE KING IS HERE! King Mass XL by the man himself, Ronnie Coleman!
Are you in the pursuit of KING-SIZED mass? Are you hitting the iron like a BEAST? If so then you will need KING-SIZED recovery. Flood those muscles with the protein and carbs they crave with KING MASS XL.

King Mass XL by Ronnie Coleman will crank your insulin levels leading to more glycogen storage and ensuring that you are fully recovered ready for your next workout!
This massive bag comes with 108 King-sized scoops, with flavour fit for the King himself.

• 60g Protein
• 180g Carb Matrix
• 1000+ Calories
• Creatine & Glutamine

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Ronnie Coleman King Mass (2.75kg) Dark Chocolate Supplement Fact

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