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Purge Supps NeuroX is Purge Supps high-energy formula that has been carefully designed to help support every aspect of your neurological function. Whether you want to boost your cognitive function, energy, mood and focus or enhance your mind-muscle connection, this nootropic + stim product might be just what you’re looking for!

Wondering what you can expect from NeuroX’s powerhouse formula? Like all Purge Supps products, NeuroX contains a jam-packed formula with openly and transparently dosed ingredients.

Purge Supps NeuroX is broken down into two parts, with an energy matrix and a focus and mental performance matrix. To help enhance your energy levels,

NeuroX contains three sources of caffeine, dosed at 425mg per serving, which is far more caffeine than your standard nootropic supplement. The energy component also contains Dynamine™ and Octopamine to boost energy, mental alertness and performance. On the other hand, the focus and mental performance matrix contain Kanna Ease™ to help control anxiety, Rhodiola to provide adaptogenic neuroprotection, Lion’s Mane to support cognitive function and more

  • May heighten cognitive function
  • May boost energy, mood and focus
  • May improve mind-muscle connection
  • May enhance concentration
  • Clinically dosed and fully transparent label

So if you’re looking for a High Stim Pre-workout with powerful Neurotropic ingredients to boost your Mental Energy start with Half a Serve ( Serving Size is 5.5g ) so start with just Half as this powerful pre-workout contains 425mg Energy Complex so start with a low dose and take only in the AM because there is no possible way you will sleep if you take NeuroX in the Afternoon.

Caution with this product its Super High Stim so start with a low dose as this Kicks hard so it’s certainly not a product for a beginner or someone with a Caffeine or stimulant intolerance so be very cautious with your dose, we found that half a serve was potent enough and this powered our Performance in the Gym.

Purge Supps is known for producing very potent supplements leading on from the Powerful Pre Workout called PreV2 we thought that was strong enough but True to who they are as a company they produced an even Stronger Pre Workout that is in the area of ” Blow your head off ” type of potency, this USA based company is super impressive with the Patented ingredients and dosages they put in all there formulas so if you’re looking for Quality Sports Nutrition Products look no further than Suppkings Nutrition and become an Affiliate to our awesome range of Brands and Products so you can not only start using the Best Quality Supplements available but earn some serious $$ by telling your friends and sharing amongst your community.



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