Optimum Nutrition BURN COMPLEX Thermogenic Protein Shake

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Optimum Nutrition Burn Complex is a Thermogenic Protein Powder designed to help you Strip Body Fat and boost Natural energy.

Key Active Proteins :

  • Whey Protein isolate – Fast digesting Whey Protein with very little Lactose, Ash and Fat perfect for a low Carbohydrate lifestyle.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate – Whey Protein with a high level of Glyco Macro Peptides and Immuno Fractions that help boost muscle recovery and Optimise Immune function.
  • Micellar Casein – Slower digesting Milk protein without the Lactose and Fat, great protein to help with Satiety ( Feeling Full).

Key Burn Additives :

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI (Hydrochloride ) – the Fast absorbing form of L-Carnitine that bypasses the ” Blood-Brain Barrier” allowing an almost instant increase in Serum L-Carnitine circulation to activate fat burning faster, but also accelerate cognitive function.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract ( Camellia Sinensis) – Containing a high level of EGCG ( Epigallo Catechin Gallate ) these Catechins have been shown to help with lipid oxidation-specific to the Fat burning pathways ( Burning Body Fat )
  • L- Theanine – This is an Amino Acid that counteracts the  Anxiety caused by stimulants like ” caffeine ” helping to relax the Brain while also has been shown to improve clarity within Brain function.
  • Caffeine – With 100mg of Caffeine per serve this will serve as a Boost to Energy while allowing an improvement in Muscular endurance.

How to use :

Add I scoop ( 29.5g) of Powder to Water ( Preference ) or Milk if you’re wanting to add Additional Calories and Carbohydrates.

Use as a Meal or Taken After Excise to help boost Muscle Recovery.

  • Keep in mind this product contain Caffeine so don’t use late in the evening if you’re wanting to sleep!








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