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NeuroScience Nutrition the makers of SWITCH OFF understand the importance of relaxation and sleep, sleep is essential to the brain and optimal Mental capacity.

SWITCH OFF has a specific mix of Natural compounds to help the mind and body relax enabling a more restful sleep.

The Brain is a fantastic part of the human body and a significant one, we still have allot to learn about the brain and what is capacity indeed is , NeuroScience Nutrition  have put together critical ingredients in SWITCH OFF to help regulate the Circadian Rhythms which is like a body clock that tells us when to wake up and when we should go to sleep . Environmental factors like sunlight, caffeine can change this Rhythm like people on Shiftwork having to try and sleep during daylight hours.

When the Brain starts to relax, and the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus of the brain starts to receive information about the level of light the Brain Stem at the base of the brain begins to communicate with the Hypothalamus which then helps the pons, medulla and midbrain transition from ” Awake ” to sleep. The Hypothalamus, the makeup of the brain stem, produces what is called GABA which sends a signal to the brain stems including the pons and medulla to start to relax the muscles. Then the Thalamus helps to transfer this information to the Cerebral Cortex of the brain which then helps the body transition to begin laying the foundation for sleep and reducing the type of brain function to more of a Dream like state. This may take time before a person gets to this stage and the Ingredients found in SWITCH OFF help the brain get to this stage faster without the feeling of drowsiness created by Sleeping pills and Drugs.

The Deep Sleep cycle in the REM sleep cycles has been shown to be the most Physical and Mentally beneficial for recovery so allowing the body to fully relax and unwind and get to this REM sleep stage is essential in having a more restful sleep.

The Key Ingredients in Switch Off per 2 capsules are :

Magnesium ( Oxide ) 200mg – Helps with relaxing of the Muscles and reducing Cramping and Muscle Spasms.

L-Theanine  200mg – Shown to reduce Beta Brainwaves and improve the production of Alpha Brainwaves essential for relaxation. 

Valerian Root 4:1 Extract 120mg – Shown to help with relaxing and reducing Anxiety.  

Chamomile Extract 4:1 Extract 7.5mcg – Shown to help reduce Anxiety and reduce Nervous Tension. 

Passion Flower Extract 4% Flavonic 13.8mg – Shown to help reduce Insomnia and Anxiety. 

Lemon Balm ( Leaf )  5mg – Helps to reduce Anxiety and works well with our other herbs to help relax the Mind and Body.  

Hops Extract 10:1 Ratio – We added Hops to help complement the soothing actions of the Valerian Root Extracts to support a broader sleep. 

GABA 25mg – ( Gamma – Aminobutyric Acid ) we derived from a plant source called Phenibut which helps transition the brain from awake to sleep naturally. 

Usage : 

Take 1 Capsule with the evening meal to help relax the body & Mind.

 Do not exceed one capsule for sleep and relaxation purposes. 

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