Mammoth PUMP (30 Serve) 270g – High Intensity Pre-Workout



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Mammoth Pump is a Fully Loaded powerful pre-workout formula with scientifically researched ingredients in effective doses, for Extreme Energy, Hard Muscle Gains and Massive Muscle Pumps! 3000 mg of CITRULLINE MALATE for superior muscle pumps! 1500 mg of BETA ALANINE for increased strength & endurance! 750 mg of CREATINE HCL for greater recovery & muscle growth! 500 mg of AGMATINE SULFATE for explosive power & performance! 500 mg of TYROSINE for mood & adrenal function support! 1000 mg of TAURINE for improved focus & alertness! 200 mg of CAFFEINE for longer-lasting energy

Recommended Dose: Adults combine 1 scoop (4g) with 6-8 oz of water mix well and drink with a meal. Take 2-4 hours prior to exercise. Use twice daily for optimal benefits.

Recommended Duration: Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 8 weeks.


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Mammoth Pump (30 Serve) 270g - High Intensity Pre-workout

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