Magnum FASTED CARDIO (40 Serve) 160g – Thermogenic Drink Mix : Fat-Burning Powder


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Magnum Fasted Cardio

Magnum Fasted Cardio is an innovative fat-burning powder formulated for people who want to optimize their fat-burning potential. Magnum Fasted Cardio will help you be more motivated, energized, and clear-headed while efficiently burning more fat. 

This product is not only for people doing fasted cardio! This is a potent burner that will fire you up and help you get the most out of any training session.

This product will help you optimize your fat-burning workouts and cardio routines. Available in unique and delicious flavours, you will begin to feel the effects within minutes of taking your first dose! 

  • Optimizes Fat Burning Workouts
  • Supports Weight Loss
  • Raises Internal Temperature
  • Increases Energy & Mental Clarity

Fasted Cardio is designed for anyone looking to burn fat more effectively, whether you train fasted or not.

Weight Loss

Can help you burn fat and calories while creating ketones to increase your metabolic rate.

Internal Temperature

Is designed to work within minutes of taking your first dose, as you will notice an increase in body temperature and energy very quickly.

Mental Energy

Can help increase both physical and mental energy which is especially motivating while following a low-calorie diet

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