LIFTED (25 Serve) 300g – Intense Pre-Workout


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Lifted Pre Workout is the New Generation in cutting Edge pre workout supplements with Premium ingredients delivering quality results , there is no other choice when it comes to a quality pre workout and NOW Available in Australia at Suppkings Nutrition.

Lifted® will help elevate your energy and mental focus levels, help fight muscle fatigue, promote increased blood flow and nutrient delivery to your muscles and increase muscle power, allowing you to train at a heightened intensity for longer periods of time. By training harder for longer, you will burn more calories and stimulate more muscle growth.

What will I feel?

You will experience the initial effects of Lifted® immediately – you will notice a sharp surge in energy and mental focus levels 15 to 45 minutes after your first dose.

Lifted® will not simply provide you with transient effects that fade after only a few hours, Lifted® will actually help you sculpt your ideal physique.

Key Ingredient used:


*Beta Alanine




Lifted (25 Serve) 300g - Intense Pre-workout

We’ve been in the game for too long to ignore the fact that every leading preworkout brand promises “Intense” & “Explosive” energy but how many of those little shots of powder fizzle out faster than a disappointing boyfriend? Last LONGER & CLEANER with Lifted® preworkout.

Lifted (25 Serve) 300g - Intense Pre-workout

Coffee is for wanna-be Instagram influencers who need to show you the $6.99 latte they just overpaid for from their local “Barista”. Who the F%#K even calls them baristas anymore? If you’re looking for TRUE energy, focus & performance, order a Grande scoop of Lifted® instead


A lot of brands try to use confusing buzz words to explain what their product does. We believe simple is better. Lifted® is a pre-workout for your life. That means whether you’re working out, studying, playing video games or going for a hike, we’ll deliver you with the clean, long-lasting energy, focus & performance to get that done at an elevated level. The end.



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Lifted (25 Serve) 300g - Intense Pre-workout

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