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  • Laxogenin helps increase protein synthesis by over 200% which allows the user to accelerate muscle growth and recovery 
  • Provides cortisol support, thus allowing your body to recover fast and reduces muscle breakdown (muscle wasting).
  • Athletes claim to have seen strength increases in 3-5 days, and muscle mass increases in 3-4 weeks.
  • Does not alter the users’ natural hormonal balance (does not affect test levels and does not convert into estro or cause the body’s natural estro to increase)
  • Does not show up on screens or tests (can be used by Athletes in NCAA and other major league sports)

Misspelt on label Apiesterone should be – Apisterone (Apigenin) is non-hormonal anabolic phytochemical noted to increase protein synthesis, boost IGF-1 and IGF-2, enhance muscle growth, regulate cortisol, and control estrogen-promoting enzymes aromatase and 17β-HSD.

Q: Do I need cycle support?
A: Laxogenin does not require cycle support as it is not liver toxic and does not cause the user’s blood pressure to fluctuate.

Q: What is the most effective dose for Laxogenin?
A: The clinical dosage for Laxogenin is 150 mg per day.

Q: Do I need a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after using a Laxogenin Product?
A: Laxogenin does not require the use of a PCT or SERM. A user will just have to merely cycle off of it for four weeks before beginning another cycle of Laxogenin.

Q: Do I need an estro blocker when using Laxogenin?
A: The use of an estro blocker will not be necessary as Laxogenin does not convert into estro, nor will it cause your body to upregulate its estro production. Thus, eliminating the need for an estro blocker. You will only require an estro blocker if you choose to stack Laxogenin with other anabolic supplements which have effects on the body’s natural hormonal balance (i.e. test boosters, prohormones, etc.).

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