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Essential Amino Fuzion By Fuzion365 is the pinnacle in Essential Amino Acid formulations, and it just does not get better than this if you’re looking for the Worlds most Perfect Protein source.

In every 10g Serve, Essential Amino Fuzion contains 95% Pure Protein 

  • 4G – BCAA which are directly involved in activating Muscle Protein Synthesis.
  • 3G – EAA which are Crucial in Muscle Growth & Prevents Muscle Catabolism.
  • 2.3G – Electrolytes to make sure the muscle is Hydrated.
  • 2.1G – Fat Burning Ingredients

EAA’s ( Essential Amino Acids ) are precisely that Essential to the Maintenance of Normal Human Cellular function, but Not all Essential Amino Acids are made equal in fact Fuzion365 Essential Amino Acids have been formulated to precisely the *Master Amino Acid Profile (*MAP) giving you Exactly what is needed to make protein in the body with a total absorbably Amino Acid level on 99%.

Unlike other Try, hard EAA’s on the market Essential Amino Fuzion is the Ultimate Protein Source giving you 99% Usable Amino Acids it makes other Protein sources very average in fact take a look at the Usable protein of some familiar protein sources :

  • Egg White Protein 48% Usable Amino Acids
  • Meat, Fish Poultry 34% Usable Amino Acids
  • Whey Protein, Soy Protein 20% Usable Amino Acids
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids ( BCAA’s ) only 2% Usable Amino Acids

Usable Amino Acids are directly linked to the correct Ratio on EAA’s in the body or the Amino Acid Pool, BCAA’s require other amino acids to be adequately assimilated and used efficiently.

Not only does Fuzion365 go beyond any other EAA Powder on the market today it is based on sound science and a collaboration between powerful scientific minds to use “Real” Data and science to build the ultimate performance powder that will deliver a pure protein source while having Added Effecatious and Clinically back doses of cutting-edge ingredients like :

  • Ginkgo Biloba – to help support optimal brain function and focus.
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extracts – to help support Fat Burning but also improve adaptogenic optimisation during heavy training or Stress.
  • Schisandra ( Chinesischer Lindenbaum) – to help support recovery and adaptogenic optimisation.
  • Ashwagandha ( Std 10 10% withanolides) – to help support the Nourishment of the Adrenal Cortex and optimisation of recovery.
  • Astragalus Membranceus ( Std 10 5% polysaccharides) – to help support Immune function and reduce Microbiological pathogen growth.

The Team at Fuzion365 in conjunction with the most brilliant Scientific Minds also added Key Amino Acids including :

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – to help support optimal Brain function and contribute to the Transportation of Fatty tissue to the Mitochondria to be used as Energy.
  • L-Tyrosine – to help support the brain’s ability to boost Brain alertness and function without the use of stimulants.
  • Plus a Huge dose of Key Vitamins including the B group to help the body unlock the energy source stored in Carbohydrates more efficiently.

Fuzion365 contains a True Balance of Electrolytes based on actual Science and uses the Minerals found to absorb faster and more efficiently to help the balance of intracellular and extracellular fluids, without the correct balance of the critical Electrolytes performance can be impaired by up to 40% as the cell cannot function under the condition of lack of fluids or to much fluids so critical Electrolytes found in Fuzion365 help to maintain the correct balance .

How to use :

Mix 1 scoop 10.5g in Approx 300ml of water during training or if taken before training 15 min.

*MAP stands for Master Amino Acid Patternit’ss a Patented Blend of 8 Essential Amino Acids the body uses to make protein.




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