EFX Sports TRAINING GROUND GLUTAZORB GLUTAMINE (60 Serve) 120c – Enzymatic Buffered Glutamine Capsules

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Now in capsule form!

Glutamine is the single most abundant natural amino acid that occurs in the human body, making up over 60% of all of your skeletal muscle alone. Whilst you are working out and performing intense exercise your demand for glutamine dramatically increases. This can also happen whilst your body is under stress, such as when dieting, you are ill or you have an injury. Many different cells without in your immune system (such as macrophages & lymphocytes) also rely on glutamine as their primary fuel source.
As you work out or encounter stress or injury, glutamine depletion shows itself in the form of decreased recovery, strength and stamina. Therefore it is always important to ensure that your body is stocked up on glutamine. This can be done most effectively by taking glutamine in a very stable and assimilated form.

The Glutazorb difference is that it is pH-Correct, and goes through an enzymatically modified buffered fermentation process. But in words you or I can understand, this ensures that you are receiving a much more stable form of Glutamine.

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Efx Sports Training Ground Glutazorb Glutamine (60 Serve) 120c - Enzymatic Buffered Glutamine Capsules

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