EFX Sports – Lean Fix Weight Management Support – Thermogenic

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Lean Fix was formulated on a very simple premise.
It takes 3 key things to shed fat and drop those unwanted pounds:
• Burn more calories than you take in
• Regulate blood sugar levels as to not store excess fat
• Flush out water completely so that you can dial in the details

Each ingredient in this formula was specifically chosen because it has the ability to ensure that either one, two or even all three of these issues can be focused on with precision.
It’s a combination of a strong thermogenic, sugar regulating agents as well as being packed full of all natural diuretics.

Best of all, there are absolutely NO banned substances in lean fix at all!

EFX Sports Lean Fix won’t crack you out and make you feel all crazy. It will however ensure that you are focused, your energy levels will be steady and clean and that you will feel alert and ready to tackle the task at hand.
But don’t fret just because you aren’t feeling wired. Take a look in the mirror and you won’t be able to wipe that smile off of your face!



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EFX Sports - Lean Fix Weight Management Support Nutritional Information

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