Body Science Clean Protein Bars

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Body Science Clean Protein Bars are a Plant Based Protein bars usign Natural ingredients to deliver on a delicious tasting NO Nasty additives High Protein Bar .

For thos people seeing a Vegan freindly , plant based snack to compliment a healthy easting plan look no further than the New Body Science Clean Bar . Made with all natural , nutritionally dense ingredinsts like plant proteins , fruits , seeds and nuts these tasty Clean bars delivery protein , antioxidants , fibre , good fats all in a perfect 50g bar .

These nourishing bars are a balanced , wholesome and easy eating protein bar that get there protein source from Soy Protein , rice and pea proteins. The Fats are Naturally derived from the Natural Nuts and Seeds like Chia amd Almonds in these Yummy bars .

Avaible in 3 Delicious flavours :

  • Banana Bread
  • Choc Lamington
  • Lemon Cashew

Plant protein blend – a blend of clean, high quality, vegan friendly plant proteins – soy, rice and pea – to help keep you fuller for longer and support your wellness goals.

Good fats – not all fats are bad for you. Your body needs an adequate supply of ‘good’ fats each day for things like energy, cell growth and to aid the absorption of essential nutrients into your body. Our Clean bars are a great source of the good kind.

Antioxidants – antioxidants play an important role in protecting cells against free radical damage caused by lifestyle factors such as air pollutants, stress, pesticides, cigarette smoke, alcohol and fried foods. Our Clean bars provide a natural, clean source of antioxidants.

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