Betancourt TEST-HP® RELOADED (30 Serve) 90c – Testosterone & Performance Enhancer : Testofen®


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Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP

✔ Scientifically Studied Ingredients – Strategically formulated with key ingredients that have been clinically studied and shown to support free testosterone levels in the body.* Test-HP® provides 100% natural botanicals to promote testosterone response for peak physical performance while decreasing body fat.*

✔ Testosterone Igniter – Featuring Testofen® Fenugreek Extract, which has been evaluated in a variety of human clinical trials for its many benefits. Testofen® contains 50% Fenuside™, which is a proprietary matrix of beneficial saponin glycosides. These beneficial constitutes have been shown to support healthy levels of free testosterone, help increase sexual desire, promote lean muscle mass, and overall strength.*

✔ Lean Muscle Definition + Strength – Supplying a superior 600 MG of Testofen® per serving, which has been shown to increase lean muscle mass while decreasing body mass, fat mass, and body fat.* Testofen® has also been shown to increase functional threshold power when supplemented at the potent dosage of 600 MG.*

✔ Test-HP® Performance Blend – Our proprietary performance blend contains Stinging Nettle, Standardized Rhodiola Rosea, SerinAid® Phosphatidylserine, and Indole-3-Carbinol to help support healthy testosterone levels while controlling excess toxins in the body. By combining these key ingredients, Test-HP’s performance blend promotes healthy prostate function and helps to keep estrogen within a healthy range.*

✔ High-Quality Ingredients – Betancourt Nutrition strives on providing superior ingredients focused on strong results. Test-HP® was strategically formulated with scientifically studied ingredients to help increase free testosterone levels, muscular size, lean definition, serum creatinine levels, and overall anabolic activity.*

Test HP - Betancourt Nutrition - Testosterone and Performance EnhancerTest HP - Betancourt Nutrition - Testosterone and Performance Enhancer

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Betancourt Test-hp® Reloaded (30 Serve) 90c - Testosterone & Performance Enhancer : Testofen®

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