Kodiak BEAAR MODE (30 Serve) 270g – Full Spectrum EAA


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BEAAR Mode by Kodiak Supps contains Essential Amino Acids that MUST be consumed to supply the body with the necessary building blocks for recovering muscle tissues. More than just the anabolic signal – provided by leucine and the BCAA group – EAAs directly contribute to all of the amino acids required for muscle protein synthesis. EAA-Active is a specially-designed, high-leucine blend of EAAs that will help facilitate recovery, initiate muscle anabolism, and promote lean muscle growth. Kodiak takes you three steps further with Pepform Citrulline, Glycerol, and L-Glutamine for maximum athletic performance and recovery.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) represent the functional components of proteins; all proteins are made from dozens – and in some cases thousands – of amino acids, and the BCAAs activate muscle protein synthesis and prevent muscle breakdown. The most important BCAA, leucine, initiates recovery while isoleucine and valine work to sustain intact muscle and fuel exercise.

  • EAA-Active EAAs mix easily and boost recovery
  • Rehydration with electrolytes
  • 2:1:1 ratio
  • Great pre, during, and post exercise or anytime to stimulate recovery and growtEssential Amino Acids (as EAA-Active™)EAAs are integral parts of muscle proteins. EAA supplementation:
    • Increases muscle protein synthesis
    • Improves recovery
    • Enhances performance

    Pepform® Citrulline Complex

    Citrulline functions to increase Nitric Oxide, a vasodilator. Increasing NO levels enhances blood flow and nutrient delivery.

    • Pepform® citrulline increases vasodilation better than regular citrulline
    • Better nutrient delivery for better performance

    Glycerol Monostearate

    Glycerol is a “hyperhydrator.” It is a very hygroscopic molecule that can assist in temperature regulation and muscle pumps.

    • May improve stamina
    • Good for hydration
    • Enhances mind muscle connection


    Glutamine helps prevent muscle breakdown and support gluconeogenesis.

    • Supports muscle protein synthesis
    • Helps with sugar cravings
    • Promotes gut health

    Q: Why is EAA supplementation so important?

    A: Essential Amino Acids are the only parts of protein that we MUST obtain in the diet. In other words, the body cannot manufacture these amino acids on its own. The EAAs, which include the BCAA

    Q: How are EAA advantageous to protein?

    A:  The benefits of EAA vs. Protein include:

    • Equal muscle protein synthesis with fewer calories
    • Easy to mix and drink
    • Less allergenic
    • Reduced gastrointestinal discomfort

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Kodiak Beaar Mode (30 Serve) 270g - Full Spectrum Eaa

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