OWALA Drink Bottles have arrived

OWALA Drink Bottles have arrived

I’m sure you’re as excited as I am about the OWALA Drink Bottle range that has just landed in Australia. These are the Number 1 Drink Bottles from the USA and they are selling out fast!

All stock is in our Melbourne warehouse ready to dispatch, so don’t miss out on this amazing Christmas present. The range comes in an amazing range of colours and sizes, but these won’t last long.

Get your order in now and experience the SuppKings Nutrition difference today!

Introducing Owala: the must-have water bottle in town! With its dynamic and stylish design, our Owala bottles are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. It was made popular by a buzzing TIKTOK vibe, launching it to become the number one selling water bottle worldwide.

Crafted with superior quality materials, you can enjoy the refreshing taste of cold water throughout the day. Its airtight cap creates a leakproof seal – giving you peace of mind knowing that your liquid won’t spill no matter what. Plus, its unique angled spout allows for easy drinking without spilling a drop! No more fumbling around with traditional neck bottles. It also comes with an additional lid that keeps your drinks colder for longer stretches.

Our exclusive Owala collection offers a range of statement colors and vibrant designs — from cool blues to timeless neutrals — making sure your style stands out everywhere you go. You can find them in 32 oz , 24 oz and  the tritan 25 oz sizes – allowing everyone to find their ideal fit! And when full, it has an ergonomic handle which makes carrying it around super easy and convenient — great for jogging sessions or taking a stroll down the street. Have fun while doing chores around the house while having a delicious sip to quench your thirst each time!

No other water bottle compares to Owala’s luxury appeal! Get yours before they’re all gone and experience our groundbreaking design like never before. After all, hydration doesn’t just keep you healthy; it completes your ultimate look. So join millions of people who are actively using and enjoying Owala; let’s thrive together under refillable goodness