Maxines & Maxs Challenge

Maxines & Maxs Challenge

The Maxine’s & Max’s challenge is a 12 Week Body Transformation challenge that has helped thousands of Australian women and men get into the best shape of their lives.

Maxine’s is a brand of nutritional products that has been Australia’s Number 1 selling fat burning range (specifically for women) in Australia for over 10 Years, with market-leading products like Maxine’s Burn Protein and Maxine’s Night Protein.

Read our full review of the Maxine’s Challenge and find out what you need to know before starting!

Max’s has been Australia’s number 1 men’s bodybuilding and sports nutrition range for over 30 years and is still going strong with true innovation around market-leading products, like Maxs Shred System and Anabolic Night Protein.

The Maxine’s and Maxs Challenge were started almost 8 years ago with the intention of teaching both men and women how to use a combination of both exercise and proper nutrition, along with supplementation, to build lean muscle and burn body fat.

Importantly, to burn body fat or oxidise fat, you must consume fewer calories than what you’re burning but importantly you must maintain as much lean muscle as possible, as muscle is where mitochondria are found. These important, “furnace” type of cells is the ONLY place we can break body fat down into a usable form of energy! So the more lean muscle we have, the more mitochondrial density we have, and the higher our capability of burning more body fat.

Maxine’s and Max’s Challenge teaches you:

How to Exercise to Build and Maintain Lean Muscle
• How to Exercise to Burn Body Fat
• How to Eat to Build and Maintain Lean Muscle
• How to Eat to Maximise Burning Body Fat
• How to use supplements to Speed up the Process of Burning more body Fat while Maintaining Lean Muscle