Maxine’s Challenge Review – What You NEED to Know!

Maxine’s Challenge Review – What You NEED to Know!

Maxine's Challenge and Maxine's Burn - Is this Australia's Best Weight Loss Program?
Maxine’s Challenge and Maxine’s Burn – Is this Australia’s Best Weight Loss Program?

Created and produced locally here in Australia, Maxine’s represent some of the country’s most trusted (and purchased) protein powders, fat burners and weight loss support supplements, specifically formulated for women.


Alongside their 12 Week Maxine’s Challenge program, we’ll attempt to answer the question we get asked the most: “Are Maxine’s products any good?”


What is Maxine’s Challenge?

Maxine’s Challenge is a 12-week transformation competition held online. Signing up for the challenge gives you access to a week-by-week diet, fitness and supplementation regime, designed by Maxine’s expert trainers, to help you achieve significant weight loss milestones in only 12 weeks.


As a challenger, you’re incentivized to burn, baby, burn, with a host of awesome prizes up for grabs. Plus, taking your ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos help to keep you accountable. After all, the hardest part of any weight loss challenge is starting. The easy part… is hitting your goals once you’re in a routine!



As one of Australia’s longest-running and most successful health and fitness challenges, Maxine’s Challenge has grown to a team of 37 professional fitness coaches and ambassadors, all within arm’s reach to provide 24/7 nutrition, training and supplementation support.


Maxine’s Challenge runs a private support group on Facebook for their challengers. It’s a fantastic place to connect with the trainers, stay motivated and get insider access to community content (like recipes and tips and tricks!)


Are Maxine’s Burn supplements good?

As part of the challenge, Maxine’s recommend for best results that you use their fat burning protein and other supplements alongside your nutrition plan. But are their products any good? Let’s take a look.


What you need to know about Maxine’s Burn – Fat Burning Protein for Women

Arguably the most popular fat burning protein powder to come out of Australia (based in Melbourne), Maxine’s Burn is a low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, gluten-free protein powder that mixes well and provides a respectable 21g of protein per serve.


When it comes to weight loss, it’s critical that you remain in a calorie deficit; that is, you should be expending more energy than you’re consuming.


Calories in versus calories out. It’s easy then, to accidentally rack up extra, unnecessary calories on a run-of-the-mill protein supplement. In fact, some protein powders even come close to the 200 calories per serve mark. Ouch!


Maxine’s Burn in that sense is an excellent product to supplement your diet and training. With only 97 calories, 0.7g of fat and 1.1g of carbs to its 21.3g of protein, it’s certainly one of the lightest, diet-friendly protein powders on the market.


Benefits of Maxine’s Burn

✔️ Highest quality thermogenic protein for improved metabolism and appetite control

✔️ Added fat burners and carb blockers to help you get leaner

✔️ Low in carbohydrates, fats and sugars

✔️ Gluten-free for a healthier option


Wow! Incredible results from before and after Maxine's Challenge.
Wow! Incredible results from before and after Maxine’s Challenge.
Source: Maxine’s Burn on Facebook

Which Maxine’s Burn flavour tastes the best?

Maxine’s Burn protein uses a combination of both natural and artificial sweeteners in their products. Looking at the nutrition label, you’ll see Stevia – a natural sweetener – and sucralose, a common artificial sweetener. Presumably, it’s blended like this to achieve a sweet taste without having to solely rely on an overbearing and heavy dose of sucralose.


In my opinion, Maxine’s Burn actually tastes really good! Chocolate Honeycomb is my favourite; it’s sweet, but not too sweet. The chocolate tastes truly chocolate-y and doesn’t suffer from that washed-out, baking chocolate flavour that we often see in cheaper protein powders.


Maxine’s Burn also comes in Berry Cheesecake, Choc Fudge Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream.


Best value deals for Maxine’s Burn and Maxine’s Challenge:

If you’re getting started on your Maxine’s Challenge or want to find the cheapest deals on Maxine’s Burn products, look no further! Here at SuppKings, we’ve worked closely with the team at Maxine’s to put together awesome deals that won’t break the bank.


Maxine’s Challenge Starter Pack (Best for Beginners)

Designed specifically for those who are looking for increased weight loss results, but conscious of their budget, the Maxine’s Challenge Starter Pack is a great place to begin!


You’ll get a half-kilo tub of Maxine’s Burn protein, a half-kilo tub of Maxine’s Night (a slow release casein protein that may help you burn fat and build lean muscle as you sleep), a FREE high-protein bar, plus a FREE starter pack of fat burning capsules!


Maxine’s Challenge Energise Pack (Best Value)

If you’re committed to losing weight and have an idea of which flavours you like, the Maxine’s Challenge Energise Pack is an excellent value-for-money deal! Inside, you’ll find an upsized 1.25KG tub of Maxine’s Burn protein plus an upsized 1KG tub of Maxine’s Night slow-release protein.


Even better, you’re getting a 30 Serve tub of Maxine’s XT Burn Energise – a phenomenal, energy extending, thermogenic powder – designed to turn up the heat and help your body burn more fat!


PLUS – only in the Energise Pack – you’ll get a 30 serve tub of Maxine’s Creatine Lean Energy Booster AND a FREE Maxine’s shaker! Oh, and did we mention, you’ll score an EXTRA bottle of fat-burning CLA capsules?


Maxine’s Challenge Vegan Packs (Dairy Free!)

Maxine’s certainly has something for everybody!


If you love the sound of the Challenge, or you’re just looking for a high-quality protein for women, but you’re lactose intolerant, vegan or have a sensitive gut, then Maxine’s Vegan packs are ideal for you!


Easily one of the best tasting vegan protein powders in Australia, Maxine’s Pure is an organic, plant-based protein powder totally free of gluten and dairy. At only 92 calories, this is an excellent source of high-quality protein, with absolutely nothing artificial.


Final Thoughts

Maxine’s Challenge is an event marked on the calendars of many Australian women, and for good reason! A 12-week transformation program that empowers you to develop good eating habits, exercise routines and mindset shifts, Maxine’s Challenge has really set the benchmark for what an online training program should look like.


With solid structure, support and awesome prizes up for grabs, this is a program with pedigree.


Here at SuppKings, we’re proud to stand alongside the team at Maxine’s and thrilled to have the opportunity to put together awesome supplement deals that will help you along on your journey to a fitter, healthier and happier version of yourself.


Australian women love Maxine's Challenge!