Glutamine and the Benefits ?

Glutamine and the Benefits ?

Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in Human Muscle Tissue making up to 61% of the free amino acid pool. Sometimes amino acids are very high in Nitrogen . which can be great if you’re using the Nitrogen if not the Nitrogen can become a Toxic compound in the body , so the fact Glutamine is only 19% Nitrogen makes it extremely safe to use whiteout fear of building Nitric Waste .

Glutamine is an amazing Amino Acid that can contribute to many processes in the body including Fat Burning , Glutamine is one of only 3 Amino Acids that help the body produce more Somatotropin which is a very important hormone the body produces to help with Fat Burning ( Oxidation ) . Studies have found that taking Glutamine on an empty stomach before bed can lead to a dramatic increase in the level of Natural Somatotropin produced .

Glutamine has for a long time been known to help protect the GUT lining and has been shown to be partially important for people with irritated GUT or Leaky GUT syndrome .

Glutamine helps to nourish the bodies immune system especially great to use during periods of heavy training or even high levels of stress times .

How Much Glutamine should you take ? Adults can take 500mg – 1.5g Daily .