EFX Sports in the USA have teamed up with Suppkings Nutrition to bring the EFX Sports products to market in Australia, but EFX Sports is no Ordinary brand built on Making Millions due to Deception, lies and flat out misleading conduct like many brands currently sold in the Australia Sports Nutrition Market.

When we started Suppkings Nutrition we had over 40 years of industry experience between us and we have seen it all! including brands built on Hype and Marketing but also Lies as their products do not even come close to what they Claim on Label. Now plenty of retailers just want to sell customers what makes them the best profits but when we started Suppkings we wanted to Only sell brands we know we can Trust and Honestly sell to customers based of Three Pillars :

Label Honestly – that does not mean a fully transparent label is actually true to the label claim ! so we mean Real Honesty so what’s on the product is in the product!

Compliance Testing – that the companies run Batch testing and a process of quality control when manufacturing, NO a GMP certificate does not mean the same!

Formulation Balance – that when the company has used valid Science ( Not Bro Science ) to formulate products, we also don’t like companies that use Amino Spiking and other tricks to again only mislead customers.

At the end of the day we can Honestly sell products we stock that are REAL and the opportunity we have EFX Sports is exactly this as Brian Andrews and Dr Jeff Golini stand for this and so much more with there products!

So a little from Brian and Why they started EFX Sports.

We were all fed up with the dishonesty and deception in the magazine ads, but the thing that really got our blood boiling were the companies ripping off consumers by spiking their products with drugs, pixie-dusting ingredients or flat-out lying on the label.

Like most people, we spent the early years of our training careers beating our heads against the same proverbial wall as every other athlete looking for the magic “secret”. We know the pain and frustration of being skinny, weak, and feeling inferior.

After trying every new supplement and training program we could find, we realized that each athlete (we included) faced the same three problems: 1) Too much B.S.! It’s nearly impossible to know where to go or who you can trust for real unbiased information about what works and what doesn’t, 2) Not having the genetics or “pharmaceutical” connections it takes to become an elite competitor. 3) Lack of quality products that meet label claims…and actually, work!

It continued to get more and more frustrating. Then one day, we decided we’d had enough. That’s when we decided to create a company that could help athletes everywhere overcome the three problems listed above: EFX Sports.

We started in this industry as consumers just like you. That’s why we decided to do things differently from day one. You see, we knew the last thing this industry needed was another supplement company pitching an endless array of fancy products with slick labels, pushed by over-hyped ads.

Instead, we committed ourselves to our vision of creating something for our customers something that truly serves their needs and will ultimately live on past us—our legacy. It’s an ongoing, never-ending process because there is always room for improvement. But just like building the ‘perfect’ body, there are few pursuits more fulfilling.

We want to help you get the most out of your body; to find your limits, and then push past them by using cutting-edge supplements… instead of drugs. This way you maximize the benefits while minimizing the side-effects and risks commonly associated with drugs. In the end, we steadfastly and unapologetically believe we offer the very best way to do it.