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Maxs Transformation Series

The Max’s Transformation series is one of the many Categories Maxs Sports Nutrition has covered . The Transformation series was formulated from years of experience from the Max’s 12 Week Challenge and feedback from challenges who needed products that were more suitable to there lifestyle and budget. The Max’s Challenge has gone on to become Australia’s Number 1# Body Transformation Challenge and with this the Transformation Series has become a very important part of the Challenges supplement routine . At Suppkings we sell allot of the Transformation series products because they stand for High quality ingredients and a value for money , products such as the Transformation Mass is a great tasting and great quality Mass Gainer with a blend of high quality Proteins plus 3.6g of Creatine in every serve plus added BCAA’s for recovery and added MCT oils to support Muscle energy and fuel fat loss while gaining lean muscle . The Lean Protein is again a high quality Protein with everything you need including creatine and fat burners to build Lean Muscle and perform at your best while burin gin body fat. Then there is one of our Best Selling Casein Proteins called Transformation Night , it contains all the correct proteins to drip feed your muscle for hours while you sleep but also calming herbs and Minerals to help you sleep better plus a good dose of Glutamine to assist with extra recovery .10%-SuppKingsAus-Offer