Best Fat Burning Supplements for Men

Best Fat Burning Supplements for Men

What Makes the Best Fat Burning Supplement for Men? well 80% of results come down to your nutrition, ensuring you’re keeping your protein stable in each meal to support muscle recovery and also to help support everything you see in the mirror (hair, eyes, skin, teeth, nails etc) and then it just comes down to Rationing your carbohydrates and fats as to what you’re wanting to achieve.

But to help fast-track the fat burning process (as long as your diet is sound) is where the supplements can come into play, below I am adding some links to different products and will tell you where they can be used.

Protein Powders: for you, a high protein low cab supplement can be beneficial for you to help get in the meals where some time is hard (for example morning tea or afternoon tea) and also to help the recovery process after a workout by being consumed straight after.

If you were going to use it as a meal supplement you would just have to ensure an energy is also present (either a fat or carb) so that your body can use the protein for the recovery and then either the fat or carb and the fuel source for the body (or as known as the energy).

  1. Max’s Shred system –
  2. ON 100% Gold Standard Whey –
  3. ON Burn Complex Protein Powder –
  4. BSC Hydroxy Burn Lean 5 Protein Powder –
  5. Max’s Super shred –
  6. ULTIGEN Ulti-whey –
  7. Max’s Isolate –
  8. Max’s Super whey –

If you don’t digest dairy very well, please see also some alternative products as well 

  1. ON Gold standard Plant Protein –
  2. BSC Organic Vegan Protein –
  3. Maxine’s Pure Protein –
  4. MRE LITE –

Fat Burning Supplements

These can be used pre-workout to help you expend extra calories in that workout and heat you up or first thing in the morning to optimise metabolic response to help support healthy fat loss throughout the day. I have added stimulated and non-stimulated alternatives for you to have a look at as well as some raw ingredients that help with healthy fat loss through expending fat stores as energy and decreasing fat cells and fat absorption.

Stimulated Fat burners 

  1. ON Burn Complex Caffeinated fat burner –
  2. MSX Shredded 365 –
  3. Ultigen Ultishred –
  4. Fusion 365 Carnishred –
  5. BSN hyper shred –
  6. EHP Labs Oxyshred –
  7. BSC Hydroxyburn Shred –
  8. Redcon 1 Double Tap –
  9. Redcon Double Tap Capsule –

Non-Stim Fat burners/ ingredients to make more efficiency of fat stores in the body

  1. ON Burn Complex Non Caffeinated fat burner –
  2. Attack Carnishred –
  3. Max’s Acetyl – L – Carnitine –
  4. Max’s CLA –

I hope this helps, and if you go to each brand we have deals and stack packs in these products available.

As for your building, as long as you’re going to the gym and doing a minimum of 3 weights training sessions a week this will determine the muscular shape that is underlying once you remove the excess body fat.

So, this should definitely get you on your way and if you have any further questions, please let me know 🙂

Publish By Jared Suppkings Nutrition QLD warehouse Manager / Surf Ironman