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SuppKings are Australia’s favourite supplier of health supplements, including protein, sports performance and fat-loss products. Our low prices and quick shipping mean that customers keep coming back. We...

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  • Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass – NEW FORMULATION

    Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass has for many years been the leading Mass Gainer Protein Sold throughout the world and NOW Available is the NEW Formulation which packs even more Muscle Building Ingredients into the fantastic Muscle Builder. Serious Mass is built to help you Build more Lean Muscle Faster than ever: Serving Size is Now…

  • TGA have Banned Dynamine

    TGA has made some changes to the Regulations that govern Sports Nutrition Products in Australia Click HERE and 1 of the compounds that will be scheduled to the Poisons Standards from 30th November 2020 will be regulated as a medicine. Dynamine also is known as methylliberine is a compound found in many Pre Workout products…

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